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Bengal kittens for adoptions

We are now taking reservations for Bengals cats, available within a month! The quality of the coat is at its maximum, we have rarely seen such beautiful coats in our Bengal cats!

The demand is high for these majestic cats, we will operate on a first come, first served basis!

True to our banner, these cats are extremely socialized and affectionate. They already demonstrate gentle traits, adventurous and playful. They are adorable!


Adoption fees: $ 1,800.00 + taxes


Here is what the adoption includes: ✅ Vaccination ✅ Dewormed ✅ Sterilized ✅ Microchip ✅ TICA registration ✅ Health book and medical certificates ✅ Sales contract with viral and congenital guarantee (1 year) ✅ Starting kit ✅ Tray with food of our own design


Passion Félin is a family business that stands out for the care and love it has for its animals and its customers. For almost 4 years, we have been able to develop methods that adapt and conform to the well-being of each of our kittens so that they thrive from the very beginning of their lives. What sets our cats apart is their friendly, kind and sociable behavior towards humans.


Considering the current situation with COVID-19. Serious buyers will have to choose a kitten on photo and video. Passion Félin remains an essential service and will organize professional delivery to avoid all risks of contamination for everyone.


Expected delivery: May 1st!


We accept debit / credit cards. Taxes are applicable on the purchase price.


To reach us Cel. 514-836-3531 E-mail: Facebook: Website:

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