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The first order of  cat food is free


We are not lucky enough to be well known at the moment, normal in less than a year of existence for our food, which is why we invite you to discover us with a FREE first order of a bin of 5 LB. You can unsubscribe without any hidden costs! If you are satisfied, a 5 LB will be delivered to you each month at a cost of $29.99 + taxes and never run out of food for your cat.


Passion Félin is a new Quebec company specializing in the design of a cat food formula that brings many benefits to our felines. After all the food contains a high protein content (38% minimum) L-lysine for the immune system, dried cranberry for the prevention of urinary disorders, contains no cereals and is suitable for all stages of life.

Look at the formulas below, you can start with the free trial and change formula later.